Upcoming Principal Visits!!

Upcoming Principal Visits!!

Can it be true? It certainly is! Our French Principals are coming to town!

We would like to invite our customers to join us for in-house presentations on the 14th, 22nd and 24th of March, headed off by Jean Claude Debieve and Julian Astier of Payan Bertrand.

To reserve your seat is really easy. All you have to do is let us know which time slots below would suit you best.

Cape Town We will be hosting this event at Ruslamere Hotel Spa and Conference Centre.

  • 14th of March at 8:45am

  • 14th of March at 10:15am

  • 14th of March at 11:45am

  • 14th of March at 2:15pm

We can accommodate up 20 customers per presentation time. Please reserve your seat with us by latest March 7th. Johannesburg We will be hosting these events at 11 Bundo Road Sebenza.

  • 22nd of March at 10:00am

  • 22nd of March at 1:00pm

  • 24th of March at 10:00am

  • 24th of March at 1:00pm

We can accommodate up 20 customers per presentation time. Please reserve your seat with us by latest March 11th.

We are looking so forward to spending three wonderful days with you!

This year we celebrate our 40th anniversary! Forty years have passed since we first opened the doors of Natchem, and we have served the community with vigour and joy. The buildings may have changed a few times, but our products have stayed the same excellent quality they have always been!

On a bit of a sadder note, we say goodbye to our Sales Manager David Stockenstrom as he works his final month or two here with us. His 14 years of working for Natchem, striving to uphold the high levels of service we have always been associated with, have been a pleasure for us. He has been an absolute joy to everyone, staff and customers alike. We wish him and his family much success in their new endevours as they relocate to new country and start their new adventure together.


50ml Tulip Bottle

The current rising prices of the packaging and raw materials we use in our production have caused a subsequent increase in the prices of our products. This is not including the extreme increases experienced on freight and transport costs. We are therefore finding we have no choice but to increase our product prices and these will come into effect on the 1st of March. This price increase allows us to guarantee that the top-notch quality of our products shall not be compromised in any way.

We are looking forward to your continuing patronage. Thank you.

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