A story of Fragrance


Natchem cc

is the supplier of 

Fragrance Oils, Perfume, Sanitizer Aromatic Ingredients in South Africa, Sub Saharan Africa 

Meet Natchem

Payan Bertrand, based in the South of France has been in the service of aromatic ingredients since 1854. Their staff sources the best from nature in order to offer their clients, exceptional natural ingredients and fragrance compounds.

Natchem, owned by Byron Price was started in 1981 from very small beginnings, but the growth and success over the past 30 years has been the ability to express the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion by maintaining a close relationship with customers.

Our staff place great emphasis on understanding and identifying perfumes that match the local market. This process has always involved listening to and working closely with our customers in the offering of perfumes that are suitable for their individual needs. We work hard to deliver the product suitable for our customers target market.

Natchem has never adopted the "one size fits all" approach and each customer requires their own individuality. Feedback from customers and follow up from our Sales Executives is paramount in offering the service that Natchem has prided itself on since 1982.

Natchem accommodates the very small customer as well as the large multinational enterprises and are proudly South African with BEE certification.

Telephone: 010 010 6174

Fax: 011 452 5852

Address: 11 / 15 Bundo Road, Sebenza, Edenvale

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Sales Representatives:

David (Sales Manager) - david@natchem.co.za

Lindsay (Sales Manager's Assistant) lindsay@natchem.co.za

Annamaria (Office Manager) annamaria@natchem.co.za

Kim (Johannesburg/ Pretoria rep) kim@natchem.co.za

Jaco (Cape Town / Johannesburg / KZN rep)jaco@natchem.co.za 

Deirdre (Reception) deirdre@natchem.co.za

Felis (Internal rep)felis@natchem.co.za

Janet (Processing/ deliveries) admin@natchem.co.za

Natasha (Orders Clerk) orders@natchem.co.za

WhatsApp number - 081 008 2092