Setting goals for 2022!

Owning a home-based or online perfume oil business, which is profitable, can seem tricky. There are so many ideas, and yet they all feel like they have been done so many times before!

We suggest you set One Big Goal (OBG) for 2022. Perhaps you want to revamp your marketing strategy, introduce a new avenue to the services you offer or even re-work your company culture or vision? Whatever it may be, you will need to get some clear perspective on this set it into motion with your team.

How do you identify what should be a top priority?

Your OBG for 2022 can be as simple as needing to expand your team. This would perhaps enable you to expand the territory you cover to sell your fragrance oils. Perhaps you want to look at ways to improve the customer service you offer so that your customers keep returning to buy their perfumes from you. You can do this by requesting customer feedback, reviewing your strengths and weaknesses, as well as where they may have unmet needs. Perhaps your company culture needs some tweaking, using fresh ideas to keep your current team happy and satisfied. A happy work team generally means more enthusiasm in selling which in turn generates more sales.

Consider choosing a goal which will have the widest ripple effect.

Why the cosmetics industry is a good one to be in

Not only businesses in the beauty sector seem to have survived the pandemic and done better than expected (meaning the satisfaction of business performance was higher than expected during the Covid-19-caused economic climate), but businesses that have been selling products and services directly from business to consumer have also seemed to have done a little better than expected in this current economic situation.

Part of the reason for this is the initial surge of the need for sanitizer and soap. Here at Natchem we can help you to continue to build on this by supplying you with affordable liquid sanitizer, and a body wash combo to be perfumed with a fragrance oil of your choice. This ensures that you will not miss out on the continued need for these products during this still relevant time of pandemic.

It was also discovered that due to rolling lockdowns, people were found to be diverting their beauty salon spending and rather investing it in home-use cosmetic spoils. Natchem is able to assist you to dip into this demand by supplying a range of inspired fragrance oils for manufacture, glass perfume bottles, lotion combos and roll-on bundles to meet your consumer’s needs.

The economic gurus seem to predict that vaccine roll-out will ensure the trends from 2020 are still going to be around in 2022. This means the need for improved self-care and pampering will continue to see the cosmetic and beauty industry thrive a little more than expected.

Business who survived by finding ways to work around the difficulties of getting products into the hands of consumers in 2020, by increasing their distribution and channels of selling, have been predicted to have high potential to be profitable in 2022.

On Valentine's Day we think of those Who make our lives worthwhile, Those gracious, friendly people who We think of with a smile.

We are fortunate to know you, That's why we want to say, To a very special client: Happy Valentine's Day!

By Joanna Fuchs

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