How To Deal When A Customer Rejects Your Sales Proposal

An experienced sales person knows that if a customer is objecting to their sale, it is still an opportunity for success.

When a customer is objecting to a sale, it means they are engaged in the sale, they are actually taking time to consider the sales proposal.

The ability to make sales is learning how to overcome the objections. We have a few closing tips and tricks you can try using:

Objection: "You’re too expensive."

Solution: Continue the conversation.

If you are in the business, competition comes hand-in-hand with selling. Even if the perfume you sell is more expensive compared to one of your competitor’s, that should not stop you at all. Do not allow the conversation to end because of this.

Objection: "Give me more."

Solution: Present the facts.

Most of us want a blend of high quality products, good service and at lower prices. Sometimes it is exceptionally hard to offer great quality products, with fantastic service, for a lower price. Instead of focusing on this, focus on your strengths. You need to have a well-rehearsed motivation as to why your product is better than what your competitors are offering. You customers must believe that what they are receiving from you is in fact better, you need to sell the value and worth that buying your product will bring to them.

Objection: "Your product doesn’t meet our needs."

Solution: See things from the client’s perspective.

The benefit of an empathetic approach to sales is if you can see what is going on through your customer’s perceptions. This will enable you to fine-tune your sales pitch to speak directly to their emotions and logical thinking.

Being good at selling is wonderful for your business, but being able to see and understand your customer’s thinking patterns and appeal to those patterns will almost guarantee you sales every time, not just once or twice.

Objection: "I don’t want to change."

Solution: Calming your customer's fearful mind set. If this is the objection you are facing, jump to the facts. Demonstrate your track record, hit them with numbers that they can grasp. Discuss your past success and why you are reliable in terms of product quality and service delivery. Stating the facts can go a long way when you are having to overcome sales objections.

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