Exciting Times Ahead For Natchem!

Natchem has some exciting times ahead, starting from this month! Over our 40 years we have seen Natchem grow from strength to strength and feel quite humbled by all we have to celebrate with you.

We have some new staff members

Sales Manager

We welcome our new sales manager to the team, Jacques Strydom. Jacques is very knowledgeable in the cosmetic industry. He is also the Coschem vice president. We hope he finds much happiness here with us.

WhatsApp Sales Consultant

Natasha is moving into the position of Personal Assistant to the Sales Manager, and we welcome Tanika Mota to the team as our new WhatsApp Sales Consultant. We hope she finds real fulfilment within our team.

Our current sales manager David Stockenstrom is leaving Natchem South Africa, but he is not leaving Natchem! He is going to open up a branch of Natchem in Botswana as we expand and grow into Africa.

As we look at our growth, we would like to say a sincere thank you to our customers. The gratitude we feel for your continued patronage and loyalty blows us away. We continue to do our best to deliver top-level service to you all, which has become our personal industry standard. May we have another successful 40 years together with you!

In honour of the month ahead, we would like to give special mention to our Lord Jesus Christ.

He is the Lord of new beginnings, new days and new lives. Our biggest thanks goes to Jesus, who died for us. May we always remember His gift of life, but especially celebrate it this Easter season month.

Ridiculed and mocked, nailed to a cross. Each of his followers mourning his loss. Set down from on high, placed in a cave. Unmovable stone in front of his grave. Roman soldiers guarded the solemn room, Rejecting attempts to enter the tomb. Entrance sealed so no one could steal Christ's body, which had a great appeal. Then on the third day, Mary could not believe Inside the cave - no body to grieve. On Sunday he was seen it was said. Now God had raised His son from the dead. - Eric R Harvey

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