A Notice Of Price Increase...

Dear Natchem Customers,

Please allow us to thank you for being such loyal partners with us over years. As you know, your satisfaction is very important to us and we would like to think we have been successful in providing you with good service and quality products. Due to the current situation in the global markets, we are forced to increase our prices. The prices of packaging and raw material components have risen rapidly since the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the international situation regarding prices and product availability is totally unpredicable which is something particularly relevant to the demands of maintaining our stock levels. We are also confronted with enormous rising transport costs and the uncertainties regarding the availability of raw materials within the market. This uncertainty means that we often have to make firm commitments for long-term purchases in order to guarantee continuity of our supply chain, which in turn enables us a reliable supply of products to you and your customers. The unfortunate effect of this is we are unable to commit ourselves for a long period of time in terms the stability of our prices. Please consider our current price list to be a guideline only. This is by no means a commitment from us to adhere to this pricing for the months to come, but please know that we will do our absolute best to commit to these for as long as we possibly can. Each fragrance formula is different in raw material composition, this can severely affect some product pricing in comparison to others. We genuinely hope that the international situation will come back to normal as soon as possible for our mutual benefit With all this in mind, we have found we have no option but to increase pricing as of 1st of March 2022, across the board on effected product offerings. Exceptional times call for exceptional measures. We ask for your understanding, and thank you sincerely in our anticipation of it.

New price lists are available on request. Again, we would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to a successful new year together with you.


The Natchem Team

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