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EVERCLEAR Ethanol is used in EVERCLEAR Sanitizer at an average of 75%-85%, making it active in the fight against Coronavirus!

While all notes are important, the base note is the prominent note in a perfume’s aroma. The base note has the strongest and heaviest scent, lingering in the air even after the top and heart notes have faded. Base notes are specifically selected because of their strength, scent, and fixative properties.


We currently have a special on sanitizer, but we also sell EVERCLEAR Ethanol which can be used as an alcohol base to make sanitizer. One of our perfume oils can be added to give your sanitizer a scented edge in the market.

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Even though each business is different, we have rallied some tips together with the hope of providing some inspiration in the midst of all the COVID-19 uncertainty:

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The Rand has fallen substantially against the Dollar and Euro and economists do not expect it to rise significantly in the future. This has been the main contributor to the need for a price increase.


To help strengthen your faith in such an uncertain time, we’re sharing some encouraging reminders on how to keep your trust in God during a global pandemic.

Lock Down Notice

Following President Cyril Ramaphosa's announcement on Monday night regarding a national lockdown to deal with Coronavirus, we will be closing both Natchem buildings with effect from close of business 26 March 2020.

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It is the collaboration of bottles, high quality perfume oils, and the new game-changer called EVERCLEAR Ethanol, that Natchem feels will make their new “dispensary” retail outlet a market winner.


We are extremely proud to announce that our company will be hosting a grand opening for our new building, 15 Bundo Road! We would be thrilled to have you there.

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Fragrances are seriously fashionable, some are modern and some never go out of style. The thing with fashion is it can be cyclical, and because of this we are able to map out the trends of which perfume notes were considered to be the “big shots” from each decade / era. We’ve taken out our crystals balls to try and predict the four biggest perfume trends in this double-dynamite year, 2020!