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We  are pleased to  have been in business with you over the  past 40 years,  overcoming all challenges and difficulties together. We have not raised our prices of our products without some serious thought and deliberation.

Despite the continuous rise in service expense across the world, we can also no longer avoid the growing expenses of transportation and import charges.

The Rand has fallen substantially against the Dollar and Euro and economists do not expect it to rise significantly in the future. This has been the main contributor to the need for a price increase.

We have never compromised the quality of our products, or our excellent service, even in the hardest of times. We will keep going with the promise of excellent quality and customer service, which has always been our goal.

We will soon be sending out details of our new prices – which we have kept to the absolute minimum. We do look forward to your co-operation and hope we will be in business with you for many more years to come. 

May we continue to receive and be grateful for Gods blessings during this C-19 lockdown.

Best regards,
The Natchem Team


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