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We have spent a lot of 2019 preparing for a very exciting 2020! We have acquired a new building, and have been working unsparingly to open a retail outlet to ensure our customer’s experience with us is a smoother, and even more enjoyable one.

We have also been working exceptionally hard at attaining our alcohol license, to enable us to sell our new perfume alcohol base, EVERCLEAR Ethanol. EVERCLEAR Ethanol is a naturally based alcohol, ideal for use in perfumery. We feel quite excited that we are now able to offer our customers a natural alternative to our compound, which is made from a renewable source. The price also speaks for itself!

Natchem also has revamped our website, with the inclusion of an online shop. We truly hope that this will assist customers who are unable to get to us during working hours, or who experience logistical issues in getting to us.

In order to assist customers with the ordering process, we have also started a WhatsApp number, where we can receive enquiries and orders as well. Please chat to us! Our number is 073 718 3531.

We have welcomed Natasha to our family, as our orders clerk. She has proved to be a valuable asset in assisting us. We trust that she will be staying on with us next year as well.

Though there is much excitement, it is necessary to sincerely thank each member of our Natchem team for the role they have played in us getting to where we currently stand as company and family. Without each and every one, we would have most certainly fallen short somewhere. The dedication and hard work is truly appreciated, and we sincerely believe that next year holds great things for us.

Not just in the spirit of Christmas, but throughout each season and year, it is always important to offer true thanks and praise to the real hero, Jesus Christ. As you are well aware, we are a Christian company and feel it is always necessary to remember the real importance of this special time of the year. Christmas day is the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ, who turns a whopping 2019 this year!

It is not always easy to follow his Christ-like ways, especially in what we fondly refer to as “the end of year madness”. But it is in these times that we must endeavour to take a breath, take a step back and bite down on the harsh word we want to say as we are being pushed and pulled through the ever present madness of this season. Christ’s message was one of love and eternal peace. Let us be patient, but start by being patient with ourselves. Let us be kind, but start by being kind to ourselves. Most importantly, let us love, but let us start by loving ourselves. Christ thinks we are precious, maybe we should believe him?

Have a wonderful and safe festive season and Christmas. May God keep you and your families safe during this time. We look forward to another year together, and all the glory be to God. Fondest Christmas wishes, The Natchem Team

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