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We might be cosmetic and fragrance suppliers, but we have found some surprising uses for sanitizer!


It has officially been sanitizer season for a while now, with sanitizer dispensers found in every shop, reception desk and school, but who knew sanitizer was so versatile?

We currently have a special on sanitizer, but we also sell EVERCLEAR Ethanol which can be used as an alcohol base to make sanitizer. One of our perfume oils can be added to give your sanitizer a scented edge in the market.

So while you are considering stocking up, here are some other weird and wonderful uses of sanitizer:

Give your phone’s screen a shine with a dab of the stuff on a soft cloth. Chances are good that your phone could use a thorough cleaning.


Dab it on a zit. The alcohol in hand sanitizer will dry that thing right up.


Erase “permanent” markers from whiteboards, clothing, and walls. (Be sure to test in an inconspicuous spot first.)


Get rid of paint stains on just about any surface, including paintbrushes.

Clean your glasses or sunglasses. It eliminates hairspray specks on your specs, too.

Stop mosquito bites from itching. Really!

Deodorant substitute: wipe it on and let it dry. Don’t do this on freshly-shaved pits, though.


Clean car mirrors and windows in a pinch. (Bonus: it will prevent frost and fogging!)


Disinfect minor wounds for quick first-aid.


Remove nail polish. It is a good way to remove nail polish paint when running out of actual nail polish remover.


So stock up and tuck a bottle into your purse: with all the uses for hand sanitizer, it’s worth having some with you at all times.

We have a level 3 lock down sale on currently, and you can use these fine fragrances to bring something new to your sanitizer!! 

**Pricing on request**
**Limited stock available**

**Natchem CC is a perfume supplier in South Africa. As a wholesale perfume supplier, Natchem CC's perfume hub might be in Johannesburg, but they supply to Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Western Cape too. In fact, they can supply all over South-Africa. Natchem CC also currently supplies perfume oils to many customers who live over South African borders. Natchem CC supplies fragrance oils to customers who make their own perfume. Natchem CC also supplies perfumes and actives to the cosmetic, fragrance and industrial industries.** 


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