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Natchem launches new innovative retail outlet.

Natchem is moving with the times, inspiring the company’s growth. Its latest development, in the form of a new retail dispensary, is set to shake up the fragrance industry.

Since it first opened in 1981, Natchem as a company has grown from strength to strength. While already seen as an esteemed player in the industry, Natchem continues to gain better access to specific markets using strategic planning for progression and advancement in these arenas. Natchem’s special project has come to life in the form of additional premises and an expanded portfolio of products. 


Natchem’s New Retail Outlet

After what the Natchem team says, ‘caused some sleepless nights filled with excitement and anticipation’, the opening of its new building has finally materialised. It is the collaboration of bottles, high quality perfume oils, and the new game-changer called EVERCLEAR Ethanol, that Natchem feels will make their new “dispensary” retail outlet a market winner. Natchem’s new retail outlet has been stylishly set-up. Their perfume bar enables customers to sample and smell the high quality perfume oils Natchem has to offer. Their superior perfume oils are sold at market related prices, proving Natchem’s ever expanding value in the perfume industry. These genres include masculine and feminine fine fragrances, as well as general fragrances for application in skin and body care, hair care, home care and the industrial care industry.


EVERCLEAR Ethanol and Packaging

Natchem has proudly become a certified manufacturer and seller of its own brand of alcohol perfume base, becoming quite well known as EVERCLEAR Ethanol. Using only the highest quality, natural alcohol as the base, their initial intention was to bring about industry change. Natchem feels satisfied knowing that they can now supply customers with high quality perfumer’s grade alcohol, which is not only affordable, but also comes from a renewable source, namely sugar cane. With their new space, Natchem is looking to extend its packaging horizons. Customers can now come in for a consultation, and enjoy a professional display of what Natchem could potentially offer them as packaging for their growing brand. Natchem is the sole distributor for Greentech botanical raw materials in South and sub-Saharan African. Greentech is seen as a trail blazer in plant biotechnology, through cultivation and manufacturing of high calibre materials from plant, marine and microbial worlds, for the cosmetics industry.


A Journey Through The History Of Perfume

While customers wait for their orders to be picked off the shelves, they can have a wander around the Natchem museum. For years now, Natchem owner Byron Price has been passionately acquiring some of the world’s oldest and most exotic perfume bottles, from all different eras and continents. Some of these bottles date back to the 1800’s! These have finally been given their chance to shine, being lovingly displayed in an antique style set-up, making Natchem the only company in the industry to offer such a piece of perfumer’s history. A display of some of the ingredients used in the manufacturing of the high quality perfume oils they supply is included for customer interest.

Natchem owners would like to offer special thanks to their staff and customers for their kind words of support, grand efforts in this new and exciting venture, as well as for continued customer patronage. All of this has enabled Natchem to grow to where Natchem is today. The prospects on the horizon look promising for Natchem, and the owners and staff cannot wait to see how they can revolutionise the industry with Natchem’s latest operation expansion and transformation.

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