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Ethanol Price Lock

We welcome you back with a bang!

2019, what a year this has been. It has been a year of change, of building character, of learning how to truly rely on each other as a team.



Denatured ethanol is an essential and trusted component of a huge number of fragrance compositions, it is used as a fresh, clean, neutral base to create perfumes across personal care categories, as well as build complex fine fragrances. ions

Woman’s Day

Happy Women's day to all the lovely woman.

A Tribute To Our Youth

While the term “youth” is actually classified by an age which falls between childhood and young adulthood, the adolescent generation is the one to look to with hope for our future.


With sales of niche fragrances on the up, there has been a simultaneous increase in the amount of experimental blends, unconventional ingredients and out-there brands hitting the perfume halls to meet our newfound demands. And one of the most recent launches to catch our eye?


Burberry Her

Burberry's first pillar fragrance since the license moved from InterParfums to Coty, Burberry Her aims to evoke the youth, bustle, energy and creativity of London for women who are 'Londoners at heart'. It also appears to be aimed at increasing Burberry's share of the lucrative Asian market.