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Merry Christmas

For Aromatech and Natchem, our most prominent emotion this year has been a sense of gratitude.

Pioneering Ethical Biotechnologies. Greentech’s vision and values have remained constant since its creation in 1992. Our business model has always been based on innovation for human well-being and health while preserving biodiversity in a sustainable and balanced relationship with local producers around the world. Social, environmental and societal utility is fully integrated in our activities and has been a factor of our success since our creation.

With the ever changing world of technology, environmental needs and social constructs it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that Gen Z’s are opting for a more gender-neutral fragrance. Natchem has got you covered with our perfume oil offerings!


We have a fragrance for every season, moment and celebration...

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We have some brand new perfume oils in stock!



We have all wondered why our perfumes only last a certain amount of time on our skin. Why does the same perfume last longer on someone else than it does on us? Here are a few ways to help your favourite perfume linger a little longer...

EVERCLEAR Ethanol is used in EVERCLEAR Sanitizer at an average of 75%-85%, making it active in the fight against Coronavirus!

While all notes are important, the base note is the prominent note in a perfume’s aroma. The base note has the strongest and heaviest scent, lingering in the air even after the top and heart notes have faded. Base notes are specifically selected because of their strength, scent, and fixative properties.


We currently have a special on sanitizer, but we also sell EVERCLEAR Ethanol which can be used as an alcohol base to make sanitizer. One of our perfume oils can be added to give your sanitizer a scented edge in the market.

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Even though each business is different, we have rallied some tips together with the hope of providing some inspiration in the midst of all the COVID-19 uncertainty: